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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
After all the government shutdown BS and Obama crying that he won't negotiate the mandate. Guess what. They are ready to negotiate the mandate. So who is really do blame for the unwillingness to negotiate now when the right thing all along was DELAY THE ****ING MANDATE!

Funny how that works.
Exactly Obama owns the shutdown. All he had to do was just before shutdown offer up a yr delay to Obamacare. Now you watch he will delay it anyways. So lets say he only delays it 6 mos. That means Obama shut down the govt, did all that BS over 6 mos.

Obama is a horrid leader. The world govts hate us more now, Egypt hates us, Israel hates us, Russia pissed, the EU pissed, Brazil upset, Saudis pissed off, Iran heading towards a bomb and Obamacare a trainwreck.

Congrats on your hope and change.
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