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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Did you miss the part where I've posted dozens of times that my opinion is treating health care as an insurable thing is idiotic? Hell, even the post you are responding to implies that.
You're wrong. Because you think the market can be set aside. But it never is. Regardless it's still tough to reconcile "You can't insure health" with support for a law that says "Insure your health, or pay the price!"

Unlike health care planning, no on is silly enough to think they don't need food and housing. It's a fundamental problem with human nature; we as a species are very, very bad at planning for the future.
Yes, that's a human flaw. As demonstrated best by our federal government. "It's hard to plan, so let the Federal Government do it for me." is One... hilarious. And two... at odds with individual liberty.

Nice try, but we have not fundamentally changed the social contract like a purely market driven health care system would.
The social contract should always be a matter of negotiation. Otherwise you're just electing unqualified people to tell everyone what they need all the time.
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