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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
The only way an insurance model works is if everyone who *might* need it (which in the case of health care, is effectively 100%) pays premiums. And everyone pays for other people's health care one way or the other.
Wrong. The insurance model only works if people who might need it purchase it before they're certain they WILL need it. Obamacare snaps this fundamental and immutable concept in half.

This is, of course, why treating health care as an optional, insurable thing is completely insane. Everyone will need health care; including non-trivial care.
Everyone also needs food and housing. You can't go around insuring everything people need. Because that's not what insurance does.

The only way treating health care as an optional, insurable thing makes any sense whatsoever is if we are willing to just let people (including lots and lots of children) suffer and/or die. Are you willing to do that?
Tens of millions of people will remain uninsured under the "A"CA. Are you going to be willing to let them suffer and die? If not, what exactly did the "A"CA accomplish, other than breaking the first principle I mentioned above?
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