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Originally Posted by Finger Roll View Post
Still only lost by 6 points on the road against a very good team. Scoring 33 points on an off game by most of the offense is pretty good.
Nah Bro, fire Elway, Fire Fox, Fire Gase, Fire JDR, Cut Von Miller, Shoot Peyton Manning, Hang and skin Ronnie Hillman, Rape Decker, chop Julius Thomas legs off, rob Bowlen, and nuke Invesco.

And trade a 7th for Aaron Rodgers, next years 7th for Calvin Johnson, and the year afters for Adrian Peterson, and a conditional for Jimmy Graham, and lets just mail the Seahawks a bag of Skittles for for their secondary...and take the Cowboys stadium and helicopter it over in place of Invesco after nuke.

Oh and bring Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, and Michael Strahan back in a time machine.

/end average orangemane poster.

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