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Default We have to have the worst medical staff in the league - No one can get healthy..kuper, bailey,etc

This goes back to the Al Wilson lawsuit where his neck was messed up and he sued the team regarding the procedure/diagnosis.

Kuper messes up his ankle, he is out literally two years and needs multiple procedures. He came back last year, but was completely ineffective despite getting extra time off to deal with a elbow issue during the season.

J.D. Walton messes up his ankle, has surgery, then, all of a sudden, needs another surgery before training camp because obviously something went wrong with the first surgery.

Champ has a foot issue, 2nd game back, more issues with the foot.

Quentin Carter didn't even play in training camp this summer despite one whole year off because of a knee injury.

I'm probably over-reacting, but outside torn ACLs, we have no ****ing clue how to surgically repair and/or determine when a player should come back.
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