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Jake Butt

Originally Posted by Vegas_Bronco View Post
I just deleted my questionable pics...took 15 min to gothrough 15 pages of attached pics. Let me know how I can help.
This clearly isn't going to work -- think of all the posters who used to be active, but have stopped visiting the site for various reasons. Atlas, for example, must have posted THOUSANDS of racy pics during his time here, but has been AWOL for quite a while now. Who's going to scrub all of his photos? Also, there are deceased posters (Crazyhorse and Watermock, to name two) who won't be able to clean up their post history.

Which means that logically TJ only has two options:

1) Manually delete ALL photos ever posted to the Orange Mane;


2) Say "**** You" to Google, and figure out a different way to recoup operating costs.
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