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I agree SSJ.

Taco you gave us one option and that's bow down to google? Really is that the only solution you see here?

For the record I don't see girlie pics as a huge deal but for a trillion dollar corporation to kill basic traditions of the omane like posting a girl with a cake on a member's birthday thread?

Do we have no balls as a community? How much cash do we need to tell google to go **** themselves for a year?

Taco you are a creative guy. How many people have businesses here that might consider running an ad to offset server expenses?

Is google the ONLY way to keep the omane going? Or is that just the easiest way?

Is there any other company that has something similar to google ads?

Maybe it's just the way the world is going. More taxes, more fees, more regulations, less freedom of speech, more restrictions on guns etc. Heck it's almost impossible to buy a bullet for a .22 rifle. Now a guy can't go to a Broncos game and post a picture of a damn cheerleader on a football board? Really?

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