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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
LMAO, that whole article was FOS. Every "tech expert" they talked about admitted they haven't actually seen the application, yet "believed" it "had" to be 10 year old tech.

Experts don't behave that way.

Of course, a cursory glance tells me they are using JQuery, CSS layout, some unknown asynchronous framework (including a silly amount of client side rendering), SAML for distributed SSO, and a host of other perfectly "modern" tools and libraries that can be determined by inspecting the external interface.

And, the real gem is the idiotic comment about caching. Doesn't matter if you are "Web 2.0" buzzword compliant, caching issues can happen. If you have a javascript file that has a bug and also has a cache coherence issue in the browser, you'll have to clear your cache to get the client to download the patched version.

Looking at it, the problem isn't the technology they are using, the problem is pretty clearly management and timetable.

(btw, I design and build web applications for a living)
I'm guessing you're only talking about the front-end, since the back-end hasn't been seen by very many people. But as far as the front-end goes you could be right. From history though, I'm pretty sure we can assume that whatever the government contractors wrote on the back end to interface with federal databases and carrier systems is a complete menagerie,

But that's neither here nor there, since it doesn't really matter as far as the problem goes.

You're right in that the worst problem was that the feds put off many really significant decisions until the last possible moment, including the decision to hide plan pricing until registration was successful. Politics often (usually?) bring considerations into projects that are antithetical to good project design.

But that always applies to both the technical and non-technical areas. And this was not at all hard to foresee, considering many have warned about this kind of epic flop for months. Although so far, it's been beyond even the most hardened skeptics' wildest imaginations.
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