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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by boltaneer View Post
I'm the Phillips hater and I've been paying attention to him when I've watched Bronco games.

Two of his sacks come against a rookie RT in the first game of the season after Oher went out.

One sack was in garbage time against Philly.

He had a coverage sack against Dallas and the second one came when Romo ran out of the pocket right into his arms due to pressure from the other side (Ayers?).

To me, his sacks have not been very impressive. The most impressive one to me was his coverage sack. Not saying he has played bad (for a backup he's living up to expectations I would say) but he kind of did the same thing the past couple of years in San Diego with his sacks either coming in garbage time or inferior opposition.

I haven't been paying attention to Dumervil. It seems like he's doing okay but not anything spectacular.
He had two pressures last game that caused deflections that directly led to interceptions. The Dallas sack was huge because it put them in a bind that led to that late interception.

We aren't paying him a ton of money. With Miller back it will continue to be a complimentary amount of pressure. I know fans' propensity to want players who leave their team to suck, but he's been doing exactly what we hoped out of someone at his salary and age.
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