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Originally Posted by Bronco Yoda View Post
We tried to tell you TJ. They never had the numbers. It was never going to work. It was a selfish stunt that Cruz and his Tea Party pulled that will cost all of us tens of Billions of dollars!!!!!

You need to step outside of that small Libertarian news shell and see the whole picture.

You you have no idea how diverse my media universe is. I guarantee you that I read a much more diverse net of media than any other person on this forum - or to be more accurate, my phone reads to me a much more diverse net of media than any other person on this forum. I've probably been through over 100 articles in just the last 5 days from sources ranging from Aljazeera, Japan Times, Salon, Time, Newsweek, New Republic, National Review, and the list goes on and on and on.

I've always known that the numbers weren't there. From the very beginning I've said that this fight was about setting up 2014. And despite what the media is telling you, the Republicans are in a very good position for that battle, especially as Obamacare rolls out.

This fight, as I said from the beginning, was more about drawing battle lines from within the Republican party than it was about anything to do with the Democrats.

Go back and read what I wrote. This has always been about the long game.

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