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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Well I like you too..

But I've got bad news for you. Single payer isn't ever going to happen in this nation, and the reason is that nobody was willing to fight for it using the same tooth and nail tenacity that Ted Cruz was willing to. Nobody was willing to become controversial. Nobody was willing to stick their neck out for it. Nobody was willing to rally the base for it.

Obamacare is going to go supernova. The technological problems with it are going to take more than 90 days to untangle. The system they're trying to establish is like getting Legos to work with Kinects to work with Duplo blocks to work with cinder blocks to work with a video game. And that's without mentioning the security problems which nobody has even scratched the surface on yet. The truth is that the security for this kind of distributed computing is still very much in its infancy. I could go on about this, but it would be pointless...

The point, however is that while the technological problems are untenable in themselves, the economic matter is still an open issue, and when that hits, the thing is done.

When that happens, what Democrat is going to be able to run on their idea for healthcare? Who is going to be able to fight for single payer? Does Hillary Clinton have credibility to make another run on Healthcare? Who is going to be the single payer champion?

The Democrats are already behind on this issue. They're going to be playing defense in an election year against a "Reform and Replace" message. That defense is going to be centered around "making Obamacare work." Their solution will be to entrench around Obamacare and run on the idea that it would work if only more Democrats were elected who could help fix it. They're going to be running on fixing a broken system.

I wish them luck. It will be an interesting race. But if you're holding out hope for single payer, I hate to break it to you, but there's no political wind there. Democrats aren't like the Republicans where there is a dissent faction willing to challenge the establishment even if it means risking power and taking hits in the opinion polls doing what they think is the right thing. They're a party that finds safety in numbers, and won't tolerate dissent in the ranks.
I think single payer is inevitable because it is the only logical way to provide health care to a nation of people. I don't even think it's political. It's pragmatism. Eventually, everybody will surrender to the inevitable reality that you can't jam healthcare into a profit matrix, especially when you pile on an unnecessary insurance industry with its extraneous profit structure.

As far as the politics goes, I think the country has gone crazy, frankly. We have a whacko, hysterical minority backed by billionaires that's just flinging **** all over the place. Hell, they brought the overturn of Obamacare to the floor 42 times and failed and now they hold the economy of the world hostage for the same fail. Some of the old, conservative pols in Washington like King and McCain have pointed out, it was crazy and pointless to begin with. To keep going with it is just mindless stupidity. I expect the inevitable backlash to come from that majority of voters in the middle who are going to realize that this is no way to run a country. How long any of this will take is anybody's guess.

It's hard to remember given all the noise they make, but the whackos on the Right represent only about 25% of the population. If not for extreme gerrymandering, they would have lost the House in the last election. When this extremist minority is allowed to call the shots and create this much turmoil due to systemic failures of government, that ain't democracy at work. It's more akin to terrorism.

As far as Obamacare goes, I didn't think it would work anyway, but now the Right has gone so crazy that the focus has shifted off of Obamacare and on to them. So, politically, another fail on their part. This is why you don't let children drive the car.

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