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Originally Posted by Guess Who View Post
uh Moreno..... where's my prize?

you'll have to trade for him though.

I will give you a heads up. I have been really successful this year on getting FAs because I try to grab them one week early hold on to them for a week or two to see if they produce if they don't show men anything I drop them. One trigger for this is a RB duel where one guy seems to be taking control. This is going on in St. Louis right now. I believe Zac Stacy will wrestle the starting job from Richardson this week. He has a good YPC average and I think the Rams are going to give him more looks. Ok, Now I really do want a prize.
My problem is I'm in an IDP (individual defensive player - 6 starter) league and we only have 5 bench spots.

That's 5 bench spots with 9 offensive starters and 6 D starters.

Yeah. Guy is a b@st@rd...
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