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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
Read through the posts and hind sight makes it hilarious. I sure hope he did make A LOT of changes because he's got a lot of players out. The one post that cracks me up is Alfred Morris. He has been a major dud. I should know, I have him on 2 of my teams. UGH!
Yeah, Gunns I am actually 5-1 and I scored 131 points last week. I have been very active in FA. Here is my new lineup

Cam Newton
Knowson Moreno
Adrian Peterson
Eric Decker
Terrance Williams
Julius Thomas
Bilal Powell
Le'Von Bell
Harry Douglas
Danny Amendola
Kenbrell Thompkins
Jordan Cameron

I did lots of cutting and adding. I added both Julius Thomas and Jordan Cameron in FA Along with Terrance Williams, Bilal Powell, Le'Von Bell, Knowshown Moreno, Harry Douglas and Kenbrell Thompkins.

Due to Newton being a slow starter I have not been playing him against tough defense. One week I started Matt Cassell when he played Pitt, Another week I started Alex Smith over Titans, and I started Pryor one game as well and I even started Newton last week against the Vikings where he scored 30 points for me.

It seems people in this league are not very on the ball about FA where I see some teams that still have basically the same line-up.
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