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There "appeared" to be some gaps in the defense. How much of that is due to our injured players? Is this going to be problem going forward or what remedies do you anticipate might be used to address this and how will it be tailored to Indy?

Champ Bailey seems to have incited some let's go with interesting responses today. How much merit is there regarding his performance and how much is just Wolf being off his medication and/or drunk off his ass?

what do you anticipate that Indy learned from our performance today and how will they apply it to us? How can Denver deal with that and do you think Peyton will have any particular advantages or disadvantages walking into his old stomping grounds?

The problems with the snaps, a trend or likely singular to this game? Mostly curiosity, but admittedly watching the game it threw me a bit.

are Archer and Kaylore going to wear Chaps this time? And if so will pictures be posted because as you know:

One other note to TJ: when are you going to make a Manning Smilie? Or perhaps a Von? If you do Von, will he be surrounded by a giant Mary leaf?

Thanks gentlemen. I do love your show.
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