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Originally Posted by BBII View Post
Sorry man

The Survival of the Fittest highway does not end in Utopia. Hate to break that to ya.

Anyway. What I'm saying is that this is a fundamental difference in how you and I, liberal and conservative view the world. Its the point where debate is pointless because we'll never come to truly understand one another.

What he is saying is republican conservatives fought to stop SS and Medicare so no wonder they don't want healthcare.

Republican states get much more government money than democrat states on average.

Conservatives want you to work for minimum wage which won't pay the bills so all the conservative poor people need food stamps.

Force you to have that baby but won't help you feed it after.

Kinda conflicting, isn't it.

Conservatism seems to be no government unless it is government that helps that person specifically.

Conservatism is kinda selfish, huh ?

Greedy too...............
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