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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
I remember the game and also driving around for some reason but every sports station was interviewing someone from that Colts' team. I can't think of a bigger regular season upset since that time.

Without looking it up due to laziness, didn't the Colts make the playoffs the next season with a 8-8 record or 9-7 and then was one Hell Mary pass away from upsetting the Steelers and going to the Super Bowl? Fast turnaround.
Looking it up now it looks like they went on to win two more games after the Green Bay one later in 97 to finish 3-13. The next year (98) was Peyton Manning's rookie season, when they also went 3-13. It was 99 that they had the incredible turnaround and went 13-3, the Manning legend was born, etc.
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