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This just isn't a good game..

1. We don't win by at least 30 and it's not going to feel at all satisfying.
2. One of our key players gets hurt and can't go next week (or beyond), it's going to feel like a practice injury, and oh yeah by the way limit us against the colts to whatever extent.
3. We play a team with that little talent, at home, and I think going into Indianapolis the following week there is going to be a little bit of shell shock. On the road, packed house, and they are looking to (try and) crush us. Of coPurse you could argue the opposite, that there will be no emotional hangover after playing a hapless team.

We need to approach this like dominant college teams approach their first couple of games against D2 (fcs now?) schools. Demoralize them early, put it out of reach, and rest your guys. Basically, treat it like preseason game 2.
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