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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I just did some research on historic upsets trying to find a trend. While there are examples, most are on the road there are too many elements at play where Denver should run away with this thing. Even if the Jags started the game up 14 ala the Pokes last week, I'd still believe the game would be over by the third quarter. Their missing their tackles. Mercedes Lewis is out, so you can put Irving in there to be the thumper if Woodyard can't go. Our secondary will give them problems and they punt a lot which means Holiday will get chances and Prater is kicking at altitude.

If the above was all we had, we'd probably win. But then we have Manning et al. It's over.
I added this segment after reading your post to address trap potential:

Trap Game?

I hated the Jaguars for over a decade after the 1996 playoff upset. Imagine how Elway feels.

I still hate my last employer and I wasn't even fired let alone had an entire community turn on me and walk me to the door. Imagine how Del Rio feels.

I still want to bury my old rivals. Imagine how Peyton Manning (a guy who had minimal qualms about hanging 41 points on his brother) feels.

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