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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Math people, basic math:

The current deficit is what, 900 billion? Where do you suggest we instantly cut 900 billion dollars in spending?

The total discretionary spending currently is 1.5T

~1T of that is defense spending (DoD, VA, DoE, DHS, NASA, etc.)

Interest is 246 billion of that 1.5T

That leaves ~250bn in other discretionary spending (DOI, DoEd, DoJ, etc.) from which you can cut.

So what are you going to cut? All non defense, non-interest spending is only going to get you 1/4 of the deficit. To make up that other 3/4 you are going to have to do some combination of the following

a.) gut defense related spending (DoD+ VA,DHS,etc.)
b.) stop servicing current debt (i.e. DEFAULT)

That assumes you've already completely scrapped the rest of the government dumping perhaps 10s of millions of public and private (contractor) workers into the unemployment lines (with a corresponding ballooning of social spending there) along the way.

Saying we can just instantly balance the budget is pure lunacy.

If you want to do it with non-discretionary spending (the biggies being SS medicare, and military pensions/va), then you are both going to have to pass legislation that will stop those programs and in the process effectively steal (again!) all the money that has been collected to fund those programs. Oh, and if you DO pass the legislation to stop those programs, you also reduce the total revenues by about 1T, meaning you still have to cut discretionary spending just like I noted above!
A discussion about cutting spending is almost worthless unless you discuss the big 3, Medicare & Medicaid, SS and Military outlays. To me, there will have to be some further mean-testing of Social Security and Medicare in the future to stablize the budget, as well as pretty substantial cuts to miltary outlays as well.

What's strikes me as ironic is Conservatives are 100% deadset, rabidly aginst the Affordable Care Act, but when you think about it, it is the test kitchen for privatizing parts of Medicare... if the ACA works and comes out as a cost effective solution to healthcare, there is more likelihood of success in proposing that Amercians with certain asset levels in retirement will be routed to he ACA to purchase private coverage in their retirement instead of being a Medicare recipient. to me, they are fighting a Pyrrhic War on the ACA that will ultimately crush one of their long-term strategies in he future. If the ACA rocks it and GOP makes it work, what possible defense could people have to not consider privatising Medicare,or parts of it?
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