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Originally Posted by Archer81 View Post
!. Clearly you do not know me very well.
2. You are being mocked because your opinion is so far out there. What you essentially said was that groups that had been brutalized in the past deserved the brutalization. Which is akin to you saying rape victims deserved it.
3. I can tolerate most opinions, even if I think they are complete and utter bull****. Do not whine because people correctly mock you.

this will be my last post in this thread. Thiis should have been posted in here in the first place. I rarely come to the the political threads. If you want to carry on pm me

**** decker dropped a pass.
Hey ****off moron decker signed my wifes jersey.
Typical of the mane.

Again i dont need anyones support or respect. But if you want people to respect YOU OR YOUR BELIEFS. You had better ****ing give it. Dont like my opionon? Ignore it or reasonably make a claim to dispute it. Calling me a ****ing moron makes you what you are calling me
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