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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
Someone's probably already mentioned it, but Reilly misquoted his father in law.

His father and law said so in an article he wrote. Parts of it are quoted here:

Basically? Reilly missed the entire ****ing point, and, it seems anyway, that he deliberately misquoted his father in law. Good move.
And it wasn't just his father-in-law backtracking because of criticism. The article he wrote is a thoughtful, thorough look at why the slur/name is so painful to many Native Americans...and basically destroys every argument the "It's cool to use a racist name for the team if enough people are nostalgic about it" or "there's a few Natives over there who are okay with it" crowds:


My great, great grandfather, Chief Heavy Runner, and 173 of his band were slaughtered in Montana in what was called the Baker Massacre in 1870


Ben Bennett’s book Death, Too, For the Heavy Runner tells how the people were down with smallpox, sick and starving. Chief Heavy Runner had sent all the able-bodied men out to hunt for food. The soldiers attacked the wrong camp. But when it was pointed out to him that these were friendly Indians, and when the people pleaded for mercy for the children, Col. Baker said “nits breed lice.” He likely called them “dirty redskins.” That is how we perceive the use of the word “redskins.”
Our people grew up hearing terms like nits, dirty redskins, prairie ****er, savages, heathens, lazy Indians and drunks -- all derogatory terms used to label us. It is better today, but the underlying mentality is still there or obviously people would change the name.

“Redskins” is part of that mentality from colonial times when our men, women and children were hunted by soldiers and mercenaries who were paid for the scalps of our men, women and children. How can anyone claim this is a proud tradition to come from? The labels, racism and hatred our people continue to experience are directly tied to those racial slurs.
How anyone can brush aside an eloquent explanation about the psychic pain and dark history the slur carries as being "overly PC bull****" is beyond me.
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