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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
ss and medicare are not entitlements and if wasn't for the treasurys ability to do what it is doing now we would be in another depression.
the senate isn't going to play along with this game of extortion that the rethugs are playing in the house. rethugs have made their bed and they're going to sleep in it. they own this shutdown and will own the default if it comes to that. fortunately as of now I don't think the rethugs have the balls nor are they collectively that stupid to default on our debts,and seriously doubt the latter.
Whatever you call them, both programs are unsustainable, and are in major need of reform.

1. Medicare can easily be reformed to give block-grant funding up to deductible (if necessary), and premium support for the elderly poor. If properly reformed, all Medicare recipients could be placed into the private insurance exchanges almost immediately.

2. SS can easily be reformed and made sustainable by increasing the payroll tax deduction by 1% (from 6.2% to 7.2%). However, I also believe that SS should be converted into individual retirement accounts where people can have the ability to invest in a limited amount of investment vehicles (i.e. Treasuries etc.).

3. Medicaid can be handled at a later date (1. increase fee-per-service to elimate healthcare over-utilization 2. means testing to remove wealthy recipients from the program)
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