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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
According to you, every article I post is inaccurate, yet you post no other articles to refute them. Just your opinion...over and over.
Ready to say that costs aren't mandated in the largely unregulated free-market private practice sector yet? Hope so, because I'm ready to move on.

I've said all along that the hospital sector was heavily regulated.

That's what makes Singapore the best of both worlds:
1. Heavy regulation in the publicly financed sector to limit taxpayer liability
2. Free-market competition in the private practice sector to ensure quality of care and reduce costs.

Add in a fee-for-service structure, with individual HSA's (people are less likely to spend their own money), and you have the world's most efficient, cheapest, and best healthcare system.

The US can easily begin to implement the necessary reforms tomorrow if Obama and the Democrats would relinquish their idea of absolute control over the healthcare industry (which has proven not to be sustainabile).
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