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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
If the provision is stripped out, there is no reason to increase the debt ceiling right now.

Otherwise the Treasury Secretary would just use "extraordinary measures" to keep borrowing money for the next 6 months (like he has for the last 6 months).

The U.S. Federal government was up against the debt ceiling in May. If the Senate votes this down, it is very obvious they don't have the best interests of the American people in mind (as if that wasn't obvious already).

1. The Treasury Secretary was never meant to have that much control
2. Entitlement reforms ARE necessary immediately, whether you like it or not.
ss and medicare are not entitlements and if wasn't for the treasurys ability to do what it is doing now we would be in another depression.
the senate isn't going to play along with this game of extortion that the rethugs are playing in the house. rethugs have made their bed and they're going to sleep in it. they own this shutdown and will own the default if it comes to that. fortunately as of now I don't think the rethugs have the balls nor are they collectively that stupid to default on our debts,and seriously doubt the latter.

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