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Originally Posted by frerottenextelway View Post
No, it's a done deal. I know what you're talking about, but the people that matter have given the white flag for it. Just a little more look at my penis bs, but the deal is there.

The problem is that what Boehner is proposing is not a clean bill. According to the Wall Street Journal, the GOP proposal would, “permanently ban the Treasury Department from using extraordinary measures to avoid default, congressional aides said. The provision would ban practices, used by Democratic and Republican administrations for decades, which have effectively allowed the Treasury to limit investments in pensions and other funds when the government bumps up against its borrowing limit. These steps have extended the time that Treasury can continue borrowing and paying the nation’s bills while Congress debates terms for raising the debt ceiling.”
The fact that Boehner’s proposal isn’t clean, and would further handcuff Democrats, means that it is unlikely to pass the Senate as is. If Republicans add this provision to the debt ceiling extension, we could see a replay of the government shutdown follies, where the House adds language and the Senate strips it out over and over again.
that isn't going to get past the senate.
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