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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
I like the name redtails, it could go to anything too. Like a fox or a hawk or a fighter plane. They're all pretty cool "predators". Of course, I think there are way too many bird logos in the NFL, with the Falcons, Eagles, Seahawks, Ravens, Cardinals...

Rick Reily wrote a decent piece recently about not changing the name, and the main thing I agree with him on is that it shouldn't be "white" people who are upset over the use of the name and that appears to be the main backers of a change of the name. Seems like more Native Americans have more issue with chiefs fans dressing up and the tomahawk chop.

I hate chiefs fans.
Someone's probably already mentioned it, but Reilly misquoted his father in law.

His father and law said so in an article he wrote. Parts of it are quoted here:

Basically? Reilly missed the entire ****ing point, and, it seems anyway, that he deliberately misquoted his father in law. Good move.

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