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Here's what you gotta know to understand why the NFL has gone to great lengths to cover this up:

- The NFL has covered up the long-term dangers of concussions and put joke committees together to destroy the reputations of outsider scientists who were previously making progress on the relationship between concussions and CTE (more on that below)

- Yes, the NFLPA was barely mentioned in the documentary, but they, too, hold as much blame as the NFL by not taking more action (but they aren't entirely motivated to do so either - more on that later)

- A "concussion" is defined as being something that is measurable by a given set of symptoms. Incremental damage may still occur without any visible symptoms in what have been referred to as mini-concussions - and may occur dozens of times per game

- The settlement with players makes them go away and further delays scientific conclusions that may very well link even mini-concussions to the onset of CTE

- Despite safety measures, there just may be no way to play the game of football and avoid some degree of "concussion"

- The last thing the NFL wants to do is to hand out a pamphlet to their players saying, "Playing football has been linked to brain trauma and long-term effects that may make living life in the future very difficult." Why? That will make the news.

- The NFL is a business and as a business is ultimately responsible in part for providing motivation to parents to put their children in youth football - which might not otherwise exist given further scientific studies of its dangers

- The NFLPA doesn't exist without the NFL

- Were mothers and fathers to understand that the NFL openly admits these dangers, some % of these parents will no longer allow their children to play

- Youth football leagues diminish/disappear, the population of players is reduced, the game becomes less competitive, revenues decline

- If there is NOTHING that can be done to mitigate the onset of CTE in some % of players, FEAR to participate is enough to destroy the game of football (as we know it) ... forever

Perhaps like many of you, I received several concussions in football starting in high school (that I can vividly recall). My kids won't be playing because, as a parent, I already know enough.
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