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Default defunding obamacare off the table

"It all started of course because House Republicans linked the complete defunding of Obamacare to government spending. Whatever happened to that? In an op-ed in USA Today today [you said], 'Republicans have asked for two things on Obamacare and one thing on the debt ceiling,' but you didn't mention defunding Obamacare. Is that just off the table now?" Jake Tapper asked on CNN.

"That's currently off the table," Lankford, chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, Tapper. "I can tell you that's where my constituents are overwhelmingly. They don't want this law to go into effect at all, but that's obviously not going to happen at this point."
The GOP have all but conceded defeat,now it's in the: how do we get out of this hole and still save face" phase.

IIRC, this whole temper tantrum by the GOP was about defunding obamacare. with that gone,what's left.
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