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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
But you are pulling a name out that hasn't been used in eons. You are not talking about some old ladies talking and saying to their geezer friends back in 1974, "Oh, that negro boy down the street helps me mow my lawn every week." You are talking about coming into a bar all pissed off. Of course they would be mad because they know the intend of the person. As I stated, he could yell anything at them and they would probably take it the same way." He is an a-hole.
Dude, again, I never said ANYTHING about a specific context of using the term Redskins in a bar on a reservation. I just said no one would be comfortable addressing someone of Native American descent as a 'redskin' and I used a bar simply as the setting. And seriously, if the name 'redskins' is such an antiquated term as you suggest, why did they name the team that in the first place and stick a freaking Indian on the side of the helmet?
Again, I really don't have a horse in this race. Overall, I'm fine with the name redskins, but then again, I'm a white guy and I haven't walked in the shoes of those who might take issue with it.
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