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IMO, the throw to make is to the RB, who is standing right in front of him with no defenders around. That is the safer throw to make at that time on the game. The TE not only has a LB in front, but a safety to the side, which requires a perfect throw in a tight window. The window to the RB is wide open. My bet is Manning would have seen him and delivered.

The bottom line is, sure, Dallas did not want to give the ball back to Manning, but the game was tied, so Romo did not need to take a chance and throw in tight coverage. If behind, then yes, sometimes the QB, depending on down and distance, plus time left, has to take chances here and there.

But too many times in his career, Romo has done this. He ignores what the defense is giving up, and tries to force one and it has bitten him more than once and this is even when they are either ahead or tied. Again, if Dallas is losing, then like I stated, it is more understandable the QB is left to try to make a play and take a chance.

For a seasoned QB like Romo to still make these kinds of throws is not acceptable and provides further proof to Dallas fans who don't believe they will see a Super Bowl with him at QB.
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