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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Love Matthews, but I wouldn't spend a first on a WR in this draft. If he is there in the second that is a steal. I am guessing DL/DB will give us the best value at the end of the round.
I cant believe i am advocating this, being that STAN is an arch rival, but i think DEN needs to look at bolstering their defensive line some more. Considering that Von is a bit of an idiot, DEN could afford to look at getting a player high in this draft at DE/OLB and still not be hurt considering.

Good O-linemen can be had in the middle rounds, and DEN looks good there with PMFM running the show.
CB is an area of need, and wouldnt you know it, this is a crap year for CB's.
Wait until 2015 and go with what we got. Webster is gonna be a keeper.
LBs are awesome, and there just isnt enough of a need with this defensive system to me to take one so high. Look at depth in the 3rd-4th rounds.
Offensive weapons!?!? Really!?!? Remember Tavares King had a really good camp, and looks to be a player next year. Loaded everywhere.
Yeah, i guess if you dont personally like a current RB on the team, you could make a case, but i just dont see it until the mid rounds. RB Carlos Hyde has had some off field issues, but could be a steal in the 3rd round.
So, i just think that SS and DE/OLB are the positions that need to be addressed high in this draft. And yes, i like Nacho, but i think there needs to be better competition for playmakers at the position.
Cant believe i am saying this but,
1ST ROUND - Trent Murphy*, DE/OLB, Stanford or! Ed Reynolds*, S, Stanford

Both are big, fast with good instincts and make plays all game long.
Just my 2 cents.

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