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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
I don't give a damn about the players and their health problems. 99% of them were given free college educations, nice jobs by boosters, nice cars by boosters, fantastic salaries in the NFL.

Nobody forced them to play, they can walk away anytime. If a player thinks he shouldn't play, he should say "I'm sitting out", or find another profession.

Everybody on the entire planet has known for 1000 years that repeated blows to the head are not good for a person. Each NFL player is personally responsible for his brain condition, not the team's, not the League. Same goes for every other part of his anatomy.
Except that the league has been lying about the effects ("what? No! Of course not!") and muddying the names of doctors and scientists who were actually doing the research into CTE. Since about 1994.

As for your 99% figure, that's beyond moronic.
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