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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I've worked in one for years. Without government subsidies they wouldn't exist. Tell me, what marketable item does the U.S. produce? What is our market? What is our market share? Who are our investors? Who are our customers? How is production doing? We're spending a massive ****load of money on military. How much profit does that bring in? etc.
This reminds me of the guy who claimed that farmers wouldn't have enough water if it weren't for the Bureau of Reclamations among other federal agencies.

What he failed to realize is that people built plenty of dams before the federal government got involved. Without federal involvement, there would likely be many more dams than there are today.

Many of these same kinds of examples exist in healthcare. But the fantasy that hospitals would just cease to exist without subsidies just because they receive subsidies is laughable. Besides, I'm not sure what hospital you work for, but ask your CFO some time how far ahead your hospital comes out on Medicaid subsidies when you factor in Medicare/Medicaid undercompensation.

When you sum it all up, often public-payer business costs hospitals money. Most are lucky if they break even.
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