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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Seems to me it has more to do with the guy finally reaching grandmaster level understanding when it comes to reading defenses (where most QBs never even reach master level). You used to be able to confuse him from time to time, now he seems to pretty much never misread things.
I am sure he did a lot of studying as well but there is an obvious improvement from last year to this year.

He has his arm strength back, he is no longer having to work just to regain muscle from the atrophy from the nerve damage and during the off season he was able to regain the upper body muscle he didn't have last year.

I know the hard way about the effects of nerve damage on muscle atrophy. My shoulder will wing out if I don't do my PT every other day like clockwork.

It is apparent that Manning's nerve is healthy and he can increase muscle.

Throw in the attention to detail with his footwork and his study of tendancies and defenses and he is now at a level where I knew he could score at will late in the game last week.

That said I did notice one thing after he had his facemask yanked on. He did have a bad throw on his INT not sure if he was trying to use touch to finesse the ball in there or if it was something else because he did not have a lot of velocity on that throw. He seemed ok the rest the game but we did lean on the run game late to eat clock. It just didn't seem like he wanted to go deep after that. Just iNteRNeTS speculation...
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