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Trevor Penrose

Manning's ball placement is what amazes me. That and how he gets the ball to guys in stride downfield.

I remember watching Plummer chucking the ball up and Lelie trying to adjust to it or flat out having to stop to catch it like he was playing center field. I remember reading Sheflers mailbag where people were writing in "Why can't Plummer hit Lelie in stride?". Manning is getting the ball DOWNFIELD to guys who are still able to catch and run.

Then there are the plays like Welkers TD last week where Wes spun 180 degrees and caught the ball in the endzone away from where the guy covering him was breaking. It was like both knew he was going to break to Wes's right shoulder so Manning threw it to the left and Wes made a great move to get to it. The thing about that play was that there was a safety making a late break on the ball once he saw it develop and if the ball sailed or wasn't thrown fast enough it would have have been a pick 6 going the other way.

I think Manning is a superior QB because he uses his lower body. I have never seen a QB with such attention to his foot work. Getting his feet set properly allows him to rotate his hips and use his entire body to throw. This is one thing Cutler has yet to realize. Cutler still relies on his pure arm strength to throw and when his feet are not set he doesn't get accurate, consistent velocity on the ball which leads to an INT. Plummer was another one who never worked on his footwork or lower body. This is so frustrating because these guys have so much potential but they are content with their ability and not driven to get any better.

Manning does not have the Cannon Elway did, I bet that is another reason he spends so much time on basic fundamentals. He doesn't take his skill set for granted and he knows what it takes to play at the level he does. If Peyton didn't go into football I bet he would have been a doctor, probably a brain surgeon, he is that kind of A type personality where even the perfection he attains is not good enough and he knows because he is human he will never be perfect and therefor he has to constantly work to get better.

What a great signing by Elway! so glad they were able to regenerate his nerve in his neck and he was able to play. I wish I could get what ever treatment he did!
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