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I got time to watch the second half again and the pass rush/pressure was nonexistent. Denver didn't blitz a lot and the cowboys were able to keep a clean pocket without keeping a TE in very often. Romo is a hell of a QB when he was hot and Dez is probably the best WR in the game right now. It has been mentioned before that the inconsistent pass rush would show up against a legit QB and it did in the amount of 500 yards and 5 TDs.

2nd half throws

1- Long TD to Williams Romo took full drop took 2 steps up and fired the ball. He had 5 seconds in the pocket.

2-Romo allowed to reach back of drop and one step forward.

3 and 4- Clean pocket on both throws and pass rush nonexistent.

5- CB blitz works Romo and Beasley on same page completed hot route.

6 and 7- Clean pocket with 4 seconds to throw with no pressure.

8-Vickerson beat his man to pressure Romo. Romo doesn't see him but he didn't need to because the quick pass was a TD to Dez. 2pt conversion no pressure but the coverage was good and Romo tried to run for it.

9, 10, and 11- Clean pockets Romo was allowed to stand in for at least 4 seconds.

12-Romo had an enternity in the pocket and about 8 seconds. Webster was lucky he wasn't called for shoving Witten out of bounds.

13-Romo TD 8 seconds in the pocket.

14-Romo had 4 seconds in the pocket, no pressure but great coverage.

15 and 17-Passes were too quick for rush to to anything.

16-Romo had 5 seconds in the pocket.

17-Pressure up the middle and great coverage on the back end. Romo sacked by Phillips.

18-Up the middle pressure Romo couldn't step into the throw which wasn't that bad. Great play by Danny.

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