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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Thanks and great podcast guys.

Though I have to wonder what game was Mike (Socal)? watching when he talks about no pressure?
Socal is seeing what a lot of people are seeing. I went ahead and watched the first half and noted down Romo's time. He had 22 passes and only 6 pressures. Out of those 6 pressures only 1 was under 3 seconds(Jackson sack) and the other 2 sacks were 5 seconds or longer. Here is what I wrote down.

Romo's 1st pass-6 seconds in the pocket, no pressure big 25 yard gain.

2. 3 seconds hits first read for 14.

3. 4 seconds 10 yard gain.

4. 3 seconds and out for 10.

5. The Dez Bryant TD Romo had plenty of time to sit back and wait for 4 seconds while Bryant ran accross the field. He threw a nice touch pass to Dez. Broncos blitzed 6 on the play and they all got stoned.

6. First pressure of the game on a PA bootleg by Vickerson. Romo took off running forward and Escobar dropped a shuffle pass.

7. 3 seconds in the pocket and Phillips made a lunging attempt which Romo side stepped and sat for 2 more seconds before tossing incomplete pass which was really dropped.

8. Second pressure of the game by Wolfe. He gets pressure here(even though held like crazy) and Romo scrambles around breaks 2 tackles makes a pass to Witten.

9. 4 seconds screen set up for short gain.

10. Denver Blitzed which doesn't get there Romo steps up and fires a big gain to Witten after 4 seconds.

11. 4 seconds, no pressure Dez for 20.

12. 4 seconds, no pressure Escobar for 20.

13. Ayers sack which is 3rd pressure of the game.

14. Pot roast breaks free which Romo has no problem escaping and proceeds to hold the ball for 6 seconds while Witten gets open for 10.

15. 5 seconds standing in the pocket and Dez can't make the great one handed catch on the bullet.

16. 5 seconds no pressure Duke with the good coverage on incomplete pass to Witten at the goalline.

17. 5 seconds Romo holds on to the ball before back tracking and being sacked for 17 yd loss at 8 seconds.

18. Romo hits Dez for 12 at the back of his drop.

19. Malik sack best defensive line play yet.

20. 4 seconds Romo runs for short gain. Good Coverage down the field.

21. 3 seconds Romo slides left 10 yard gain.

22. This play was a joke. A little bit of pressure but nothing that Romo doesn't slide around. Stands there for 9 F$%KING seconds before throwing long pass to Williams to give the pokes 3 pts.

Romo had 5 plus seconds to throw on almost all his throws which is not good in the NFL for the defenses. He has great escape ability but he only uses it when he needs to and isn't afraid to sit in the pocket. Hopefully adding Von fixes this problem which I think it can to an extent.

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