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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
Exclusive House, Senate Gyms Remain Open During Shutdown

An exclusive gym for members of the U.S. House of Representatives was supposed to be a casualty of the government shutdown, shuttered like much of the rest of “non-essential” Washington until Congress passed a measure to pay its bills.
But the gym, known as the Members’ Wellness Center, remains open with its flat-screen TVs, workout machines and heated swimming pool available for lawmakers’ use and enjoyment, ABC News has learned.
A congressional source said the facilities are not staffed but were kept operational to accommodate lawmakers who live in their offices while Congress is in session. “It would stink to high-heaven around here if Members couldn’t use those showers,” the source said. “Can you imagine that?”
Other athletic amenities were also kept accessible. “How do you close a basketball court?” the source said. Meanwhile, a gym for congressional staffers is closed.
Like Christie was saying.,, If the President was a real leader, he'd literally tell both sides that they were staying put in a room until something got worked out. It seems petty, but give these clowns even just a little taste of personal discomfort and they'd all start seeing things with a whole new perspective.

In the end, Obama doesn't want any kind of compromise on his "Signature" train wreck, which is why he's not really interested in that kind of approach. Plus, he's probably got a tee time to worry about.
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