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Mike Shanahan

I put together some screen shots of the Cowboys biggest plays so we can take a closer look at what went wrong (sorry for the quality, couldn't find any HD replay through NFL ticket immediately this morning):

Early TD:

^ big fast pressure, Romo off backfoot throws after 4 seconds (the first 2 developing play action) for a score

^ early big 3rd and 10, pocket crushed and multiple Broncos close on Romo

^ Bronco fans breathe a sigh of relief as this drive is about to come to a close

^ despite the ridiculous pressure, first sack eluded

^ now Wolfe can't bring him down for a second sack eluded

^ here's Romo staring down the shot from the 3rd Bronco to make contact with him and delivering a ridiculous 3rd down strike

Meanwhile on the OM: "We're not getting pressure!"

Here's the big 82 yard pass play in the pocket:

^ another rapidly collapsing pocket

^ Here's the other end of that ball. Tony Carter in perfect position and smartly high-pointing the ball... misses, had no safety help and it's an 82 yard TD score.

^ Huge pass to Dez, 2 seconds in, pocket already collapsing. Throw is out at 3 secs--ridiculously fast for a 7 step drop

In a game where the goal is to hit and hurry the QB and get him off center, that was absolutely accomplished in spades. The plays were there, but the Cowboys finished on offense and the Broncos did not on defense.
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