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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Just think if Von Miller chases Romo down just twice. 2 sacks that force two punts and gives the ball back to Manning. You're looking at 10-14 more points minimum.

Would have been great to watch Miller on that carpet chase down Romo.
Yeah, one of the things I emphasized in the podcast was that players were in position to make a lot more game-changing plays and didn't finish.

Von and Champ are both finishers.

Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Yeah, we're not going to feature that 2nd half defense again this season that gave up 28 point in one half consisting of Irving at Mike, Robinson at DE, Bolden at slot and Carter on one side with zone coverage concepts with players that just aren't used to.

Week 7 against Indy is going to be the true test of this defense because we'll have all our guys back (barring any further unexpected setbacks) against a strong run oriented OL with Richardson/Brown featuring an elite QB that can really spread that ball around.
Killer post as usual, fontaine.
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