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Zona, your wrong. You are looking at the wrong parts of that video. Pay attention to where the TE is when Romo starts his throwing motion, he is breaking open and has Trevathon beat. Now go to post #49 by Gutless drunk where Trev is flying like Superman to make the INT, the ball is clearly behind the TE.

Mannings pass was risky. It worked because DT was tracking the ball and the defender wasnt, but he threw it to the defender and DT made the play. Decker doesnt make that play on the ball. Only point I am making by using that example is that QB's make those kind of throws all the time. Its the anticipation that seperates the good/great ones.

Not really sure why we are arguing this, I dont think Romo should be the goat for the throw, it was one of the few times our Defense stepped up. All the guys on the field are getting paid.
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