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Mike Shanahan

Daughter was sick last night, so instead of rewatching some key parts of the game I had to lay down with her until she fell asleep. It manifests itself in some rants that kind of peter out aimlessly.

Also, Taco foolishly yanked an amazing new segment from this week's episode (we should have yanked the Jacksonville segment), where I have time to start taking the appropriate credit for all my gloriously spot on predictions.

In its stead, some highlights from this week:

Recall the Brent Celek example and expect a big day from Julius Thomas as Peyton abuses the seam and the side line (both deep and between the corner and safety). While I expect Dallas to pose the greatest threat Denver has faced this season, there are no breaks on the rape train.
How could Chris Clark possibly match-up with one of the best pass rushers there has ever been in Demarcus Ware? By minimizing the job. Per, 23 of 34 pass attempts were released in 2.5 seconds or less. A dizzying rate and a near impossible task for a defender to read pass, beat his man, close and sack the QB. The other eleven attempts are likely to all be by design–longer step drops, more elaborate developing routes–and assisted with a tight end or back.
I think Seattle's streak will come to an end at Indy and like Baltimore to get their feet back underneath them at Miami.
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