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Originally Posted by Ol#7 View Post
It was Wolfe coming up the middle that forced that. If he can step into the throw its a completion. NFL QB's throw into tighter windows all the time. Heck Mannings completion to DT on the game tying drive was a far more dangerous throw. Having looked at the gif 4 million times I am now sure Romo saw him breaking open while going through his progressions and just couldnt step into the throw. Good job Wolfe and Robinson for collapsing the pocket causing Romo to step up into the rush.
No it's not an automatic completion if he steps into the throw. Watch it again, slowly this time. The TE starts to sit in the gap somewhat. The throw is actually a tad in front of the TE, the pass is pretty darn well placed. It's not behind the TE or anything like that. It's true there are obviously completions in such a tight window but that doesn't make them any less risky. With coverage that tight, you always run the risk of the defender making a play. The smart play would have been to hit the WIDE open RB. And I don't think Mannings throw to Thomas was more risky. That was a sideline pass and the defender wasn't quite in position to respond. Not to mention Thomas could go up and make a play at it. A crossing route over the middle with tight coverage is about as risky as a pass can get. Whitten really couldn't go up to make a play since he's running sideways and his moment is taking him that way and the pass was mid height. He basically has to let the ball come to him. It's not a dig route or something where he's coming back to the ball.

But all of that is nit picky. Bottom line is, the coverage was pretty tight on the TE while the RB was completely wide open. You throw the least risky pass and to the guy who is the most wide open and you take the easy play, especially in those circumstances, late in the game, game is tied, deep in your own territory.
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