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It'd be very hard to interview the guy with a straight face, to be honest. Not really much of a surprise as far as what he said, considering his track record with saying truthful things.

It doesn't make any sense for Obama and Reid to support Bills that give funding to different segments of the government one bill at a time. Because eventually, it'll come time to take the same approach with the Affordable Care Act... and it's pretty well known that the House majority would love to get rid of it. He says that the American people don't like the law. Well, the citizens of this country had the opportunity to vote Romney into office. He ran a campaign that was largely centered on the repealing of the ACA. Now maybe there were other reasons why Obama won in such a landslide, but I would think that if the ACA was really as unpopular as Cruz claims, it would have been a much tighter race.

I think most people see through Cruz's act, and realize that this is merely a ploy by some Republicans to attempt to make Democrats look bad for not passing bills on Veteran benefits, National Monuments and the like. In reality, it makes a small section of Republicans look very disingenuous

Overall, it just creates a terrible precedent if one small faction of one party can decide they don't like one law, and that they will attempt to shut down the entire government if they don't get what they want.
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