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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
as bad as the coverage was, I think the pass rush was even worse.

what do you guys think has happened to Wolfe? He was never really an edge rusher, but he was a force rushing from the interior. I don't recall seeing the same impact from him yet. Losing 2 edge rushers hurts, but is it simply not seeing as many favorable matchups with Von and Dumervil out of the lineup?

bonus question, at what point does the staff begin thinking of moving Webster past Carter on the old depth chart? Carter's inability to make a tackle extended a lot of plays yesterday.

The thing we need to remember about Wolfe is that once Von comes back Wolfe's importance to the pass rush will sky rocket.

There was a play early in the game, I believe it was 3rd at long (at least 9) and I saw Phillips line up outside of Wolfe so I thought I would key on Wolfe to see how he played.

Since it was a passing down the Cowboys Oline slanted down to block Phillips but Wolfe had his man beat and was out right held, turned OL arms and hooked and everything, from what I remember there was a tackle engaged on Wolfe as well which might be why he didn't draw the flag what with the double team and he wasn't turned and brought to the ground but they did impead his progress illegally and yet they called Vasquez for about the same thing on the long pass to DT to start the game.

Phillips almost got Romo twice before he completed a pass down the middle of the field for a big chunk of yardage which led to a scoring drive.

I think Wolfe is still playing with a little less abandon due to the neck injury but he is still drawing double teams and eating up blocks. He just doesn't seem to have the power off the ball that he had last year. I thought for sure he would have had a sack on that 3rd down play if he were not double teamed and held.

Having and living with neck issues he still has to be playing through sorness and or tightness and what ever rehab he had to do reduced his workouts.

I think once Von comes back teams will not be able to double team Ayers or Wolfe and teams will have to pick their poison, do they want to give up the sack to Von, Wolfe, Ayers?

Phillips is getting his sacks because of guys like Wolfe who are eating those double teams.

I would be more concerned about Wolfe if he was on the ground all the time getting pancaked and laid out, he isn't he is taking on those double teams and even more important than sacks and pressures Wolfe is keeping our LB's clean so they can knife in and make plays in the run game.
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