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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
For them it doesn't matter whether they do, just as it wouldn't to the Republicans. What I'm referring to the political fallout. The reality is that every day the polls keep getting worse, and the small percentage of Republicans who are responsible just don't have the backing to overwhelm the mainstream. They have to cave, because the public is more moderate than they are. Every day, more Republicans are going on record saying that they will vote for a clean CR. But by the time they do, the damage will have been done, and the media frenzy won't die down for months; just in time for the election season to start. A year from now, most of the extreme right wing Republicans will long since have been primaried by moderate Republicans, who will be backed by the Wall Street they "saved", and in many places, weak Republican districts with motivated moderate and progressive communities will take advantage of it.

That's what I mean by "picking up the pieces".
Ah, well said. Agreed.
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