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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
After Geno going off on what was supposed to be a team contending for a SB maybe it is looking like kFc should have taken him over a struggling RT?

They might not be undefeated with Geno but they would have a young guy who can throw down field and is the model of QB that is popular in the NFL right now. Instead they have an old retread game manger (think Steve Bono 3.0) who in his last 3 games has thrown the same number of INT's as TD's.

kFc will not have a chance to win should they make the wildcard (here is hoping they pull a raider like fade down the stretch!) with their weak armed QB who pulls it down and runs as much as Tebow did. I guess Smith has to pull it down because it is not like Bowe gets open much, he only has 17 catches for 183 yards and 2 TD's off 31 Targets, that is a typical day for Thomas, Thomas, and Decker with Welker just a few yards behind them. So Glad kFc spent all that money locking up Bowe!
Bob wanted Geno all along!
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