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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
The Avs have been to 2 Stanley cup finals, the Red Wings have been to 24. The Avs have been in the playoffs 21 times, the Red Wings have been in 61 times including the last 22 straight.

If you want to do football comparisons, the Red Wings are like the Cowboys, an old team that has gone to a lot of championships and playoffs. The Avelanche are like the Ravens, they win when they go, but they haven't been in the league that long.
I love this response. I call out RW fans for a holier-than-thou attitude and instead of coming back with some sort of "hey not all of them are like that..." type of response, your retort is the typical RW fan attitude is justified because of the history of the team?

I dont want to paint all their fan base with such a broad brush and you have had some decent takes on the hockey (and broncos of course) threads but you arent helping yourself out here at all.

You do realize that their success on the ice doesn't make you a superior fan or possess superior intellect about the sport?

The Habs have won basically twice as many cups than the RWs and I dont see a similar attitude from their fan base. They actually have a winning record in the SCFs. They have more wins than any other franchise, more HOF players, etc, etc. Yet they DONT have some sort of insecurity to satisfy that requires them to name their city "Hockeytown." Hell, the term isnt even original to the RWs. The Hab fans are certainly passionate about their team but they arent these elitest fools like RW fans (and Leafs fans are I would add.)
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