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Wesley Woodyard

If podcast questions are still open I would like to know what you guys thought about the Boys mercilessly holding our D line? If you don't have thoughts on it, then the question is, why am I the only one who seems worked up about it?

Edit: Never mind, this dude noticed it too, but thinks its a conspiracy:

Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
We all noticed that the Refs did not appear to be calling holding very much on the Cowboy's offensive line. However, the appeared to at least be equal offenders and let the Broncos O-line get away with some pretty blatant holds as well. Maybe this is me going all conspiracy theory, but is it possible that the refs were advised to call a looser game to encourage a shoot-out? If they call the came tighter, I would have to believe it benefits the Broncos more as Peyton doesn't need his guys to hold their blocks as long.

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