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Originally Posted by GreatBronco16 View Post
He should have thrown it to the check down RB. He was not covered. Plus it was only 2nd down.

Romo tried to force a throw to show his heroics and like allways, it cost his team a possible win.

Good for us though.
I disagree. Romo was going through his progressions. Bryant was his first option, Escobar his second and the Running Back checkdown was his third. If you watch the video you see him check to his receivers first before he goes to the Tight End, who is open on the play. The irony is, if Trev has better coverage on Escobar, Romo probably does dump it off to the check down. But Robinson forces the LT into Romo during the pass which takes enough off of the throw for Trev to make a very athletic play on it.
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